Tutorial: In depth goo hunting

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    Hello, as you may know im curretly the leader in the goos found leaderboard, and the second to reach the last achievement aviable for goos (100 goos found) (TheUltimater2 was first)

    Everytime i join the server i ask for a goo hint, becuse at this point its the most fun thing to do. want to know how i fiund most of the goos? well ill show you hold yo pants

    Ill be breaking down the tutorial in 6 parts -
    1 - The goo, how it spawns and what is it
    2 - San Andreas map areas
    3 - Impulse99 implemented teleports
    4 - Impulse99 properties
    5 - Known goo hints
    6 - Best way to hunt the goo and aways be first.

    So part 1: The goo, what is it, how it spawns , where it spawns and what is it.
    This minigame called goo is suposted to make you think, and awards you if you know the game well.
    This is how the goo looks like if you find it on the ground
    To makes things easier The folks at i99 made it so it appears as a throphy if you are near it (same throphy as the tournaments in singleplayer, but rarely spawns there)

    In some rare cases, its not on the ground where it should have spawned, but 20-30 ft in the air. If you encounter this use /jp and fly up. (this is common if it spawns in the quarry)

    The goo is randomly spawned around the world, and awards 250.000$ and 10 cookies, but if an admin spawns it, it awards 100.000$ and 10 cookies.

    Part 2 : San andreas map areas.
    This may be the most useful thing one can learn to become a better goo hunter.
    This is the Gta SA map marked with its bigger territories. Admins can often give goo hints based on these ( e.g. Goo hint: Whetstone)
    Now the villages in these and the closest teleports to them.
    1 - Bayside - //nwst
    2 - El Quebrados //ammu07
    3 - Tierra robada //ammu07
    4 - Las Barrancas - //dwr (closest teleport not actually in the city)
    5 - The Devils Castle (property name not actual village name) - //cj (closest teleport)
    6 - Fort carson - //atm4
    7 - Montgomery - //randolf
    8 - Blueberry - //ammu01
    9 - Dillimore - //ammu01 (closest teleport)
    10 - Palomino Creek - //ammu02
    11 - Angel Pine - //ammu05
    12 - (not marked on the map i made, follow the colors) Valle ocultado - //sat
    13 - Las Payasadas - //cock

    3 - I99 implemented teleports.
    Impulse99 has added teleports to everywhere, and depending on your location and the location of the goo there is aways a close teleport.
    Most common teleports to begin hunting the goo from:

    There are many more, if you want to learn them all do // and start teleporting to every location and memorize it

    4- I99 implemented Properties
    Impulse99 also has properties, and you need to get to know them well. if you dont, do /properties and learn the names, and the closest teleport.
    Here are some common places ive seen goo spawn -
    Kara`s weekend home - //ammu05
    Girl Power Tower - //atm1
    Santa Maria Hideout - //smbeach

    5- Known goo hints
    These are some goo hints i remember. Ill share, alltho i dont want to.

    Red : Hanky Panky point. Go there if the hint is about sex or sex related.
    Blue : Oil. I go there if the hint is implying a sterotype about america.
    Yellow : Myhical creatures. Big foot, zombies, ghost cars.
    Brown : Mount chilliad. Never go there unless the goo hint says its somewhere in that region.

    6 - Best way to hunt the goo and aways be first.
    The best advice i can give you is to play through singleplayer, if you havent yet. This will greatly imrpove your goo hunting skill.
    As far as the server side goes, if you think its far away and you wont make it there with the i99 superjump, use your car and speedboost.
    If you dont know anything about a goo hint and/or your brain "farted" use google.

    This is all i could share atm, if in the future i get more infrmation to share with you i will. Thanks for reading and good luck with goo hunting
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    Now this is handy
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    Thanks For Tips :D

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