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    Since there are new players who join the server every day and the server itself is starting to gain more and more players every day, I thought I'd do a 'Newcomer's guide' thread which answers some common questions that Newcomers need to know.

    Where do I find information about the owners and server rules?

    You can find the owners of this server by using the /about command. If you wish to see the rules that you should follow whilst playing, you can use the /rules command (not all rules might be included). Additionally, ATM killing (Killing a person in ATM area) or ramp blocking is also not allowed.

    How do I purchase weapons or spawn a car?

    This is most commonly asked question. The command to purchase weapons is /weapons.

    If you wish to spawn a car, use the /v command. If you know the name of the car you wish to spawn, you can just type /v name of the car for example /v sultan. You cannot spawn death match vehicles unless it's a happy hour. You can usually find death match vehicles in death match zones such as //69.

    Who is Crubs, SuperGirl or Picard?

    You might play on the server one day and you see this Crubs guy write in the chat 'USA USA USA USA', who is this guy? Well, Crubs is a bot who says text which was written by the High-level administrators. Crubs is NOT a player.

    Secondly, you might have seen someone by the name of SuperGirl driving recklessly with her SuperGT. Well, SuperGirl is also a bot which has a path set by High-level administrators to drive around the map. The name SuperGirl comes from a player which has played in the previous version of impulse99 and Awesome Stuntages (server that has now closed).

    Finally, Picard is also a bot and is used as the name of anti-cheat bans and anti-spam mutes. You will always see for example "Picard has banned ABC for: airbreak" or "Picard banned ABC for repeating 3 messages in a row". This means that the anti-cheat system has detected the player using cheats but the name or a player wrote 3 same messages in a row. Picard is just used as the name to ban or mute the player because no one likes to see "ANTI-CHEAT has banned ABC for: airbreak", right?

    What does the Score mean and how is it calculated?

    There are a few factors that make up your Score. The main important factor that makes up your Score is the amount of minutes you spend in-game. 1 minute in-game equals to 1 Score. Another factor is your Race points. Every time you complete a race, you get Race points which are also added to make up your Score. Another factor that affects your score is your number of kills and deaths. Every time you get a kill, your Score rises by one, however if you die, the Score decreases by 1. Final factor that affects your score are Cookies. 1 cookie equals to 1 score and cookies are given by administrators to players who file a correct report.

    How do I make money on this server?

    There are many various ways on how you can make money on this server.

    First of all, Racing. There are various races that you can do in order to earn money and different races give different cash amount when you complete the race. To see the list of all available races you can use the command //race. The race that gives the biggest amount of money is the race //sat which gives $600,000 for completion and takes about 10-15 minutes to complete, based on how well you do.

    Second of all, Trucking. Trucking is considered the fastest and most efficient way to get money. You can make up to $1,000,000 for about 40-50 minutes of trucking. I have previously created a guide on how to start trucking and how to make the most money out of trucking in a separate thread. You can find the thread here:

    Third of all, Killing other players. Now this isn't a very effective way of making money as players only drop 5% of their wealth that they hold on them when they die which means that they won't drop a lot of money unless you kill a big shark (if you get what I mean). However, killing other players is still a method of earning money, although you will probably waste more money on purchasing weapons than the money dropped from the people you kill. Every time you kill a player, there will be a bag pick-up that you can pick up to collect the money that the player dropped on death.

    Fourth of all, Minigames. There are various mini-games that are available on this server such as /derby or /sumo which gives money to you if you win them. The amount of money that you receive once you win are based on the amount of players that join the mini-game. Mini-games also include the Goo search and Package Pick-ups. I will talk more about the Goo and the package pick-ups later on in this thread.

    Finally, Revenue. Revenue is given every 5 minutes based on the cost of the property(-ies) you own. There isn't much to talk about this. I will talk about Properties and revenue later on in this thread.

    Just for the note, stunting in this server does not add money. Although it might seem that every time you do a stunt, money is added, but it is also removed after that.

    Goo Search

    A goo is a pick-up that is randomly spawned anywhere (other than Interiors or death match zones) on the map and the players can search for it and pick-up to win 10 cookies and large amount of cash. The location of the goo are totally random and there are no hints as to the goo's location, however sometimes administrators might help out players and provide a hint to the goo's location to help players to find it more easily. A goo looks like a green capsule and usually denoted as a Trophy symbol on your mini-map (if you're close to it).

    Package pick-ups

    There are 200 packages all around the map for players to collect. Once all the packages are collected, you will get $1,000,000 for collecting them all. After they have all been collected and you have received your reward, the packages will be reset to their original locations which means that you can repeat the process of finding them all for many times as you wish. There is also a 'Package Manager' program that helps you to find the location of all the packages and helps you to track which ones you have already collected and the ones you have not. The thread can be found here:


    Properties are properties (just like in real life) that can be purchased by players.

    First of all, there are two types of properties. The first type is a House and the second type is a Business. The difference between the type House and Business is that House will NOT generate revenue every 5 minutes, and a business will. Now you're probably asking "What is revenue?". A revenue is the revenue (money) that you receive from your business every 5 minutes whilst you're online. The amount of money that you receive will depend on the price of the actual property, usually if you divide the price of the property by 2, then divide that by 100 and then half that by 2, you will get the amount of money that you will receive as revenue every 5 minutes. However, not all properties will have the typical revenue and some properties might have a more higher revenue than usual.

    For example, the typical revenue of a prop that costs 10M would be 25K revenue, however some properties of same price might have 30K revenue. To purchase the property, you just need to have the amount of money that matches the price of the property and you must find the property and stand on its property icon that is found in front of each property in-game. You can ask administrators for help in-game if you need assistance in finding the property you require. If a property has a green icon, it means that the property is for sale. If a property has red icon, it means that the property is already owned by someone else and is not for sale. If a property has an orange icon, it means that the property is owned by somebody else but the owner is selling the property.

    It is also possible to steal properties from other players using the /steal (number between 1-3000) command. If you will be trying to steal someone's property, you will have to pay money for each steal attempt. The amount of money that you have to pay will depend on how expensive the property is. For example, if a property costs 1Bn, it will cost you $1M for a single steal attempt.

    You are also able to manage your properties using the /manage command. You are able to view all the properties you own and you are also able to put them on the market for sale or sell them straight to the server (half price of the original property price) or also able to disable people from trying to steal your property, however this will disable your revenue.
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    Taxes and Death

    Every time you die, you will lose 5% of the money that you were carrying at the time of death. If you are carrying large amount of money, your best option is to store the money in your ATM account which you can access by using one of the ATM machines available. The teleports to the ATM machines are //atm1, //atm2, //atm3 and //atm4.

    However, to balance the economy, taxes have been introduced to take 10% of your money from your ATM account IF your ATM account contains more than 50M. If your ATM account contains more than 50M and you do not wish to lose your money due to taxes, you can either carry your money around (have a risk of losing on death) or create another ATM account to store your money.

    Flag and Chasecar
    The chasecar and the Flag are two mini-games that allow you to receive money, I will explain on how each one works.

    First of all, chasecar. Chasecar is a mini-game where you have to enter a special car that is pink and has an arrow above it. The chasecar generates $240 every 2 seconds which adds up to $7,200 per minute as long as you're driving the chasecar. The chasecar has vehicle god disabled unlike other cars that you spawn and CAN light on fire if you take too much damage whilst driving it. If the chasecar explodes, it will spawn again in another location where you can go pick it up again.

    When you enter a chasecar, you will be given a delivery spot to where you have to drive to in order to receive a small payout and also get your chasecar fixed back to its full health.
    Finally, the command to check where the chasecar is located, and who is currently the holder of the chasecar and the currently nearest teleport, you can use the /chasecar command.

    The other mini-game is the flag. Flag is just like the chase-car, but you receive $160 per 2 minutes, which adds up to $4,800 per minute. The flag is just a green flag which you have to pick up and hold for the longest time whilst you receive money from it. Once you pick up the flag, your health will be lowered to below half which means that it's very easy for enemies to kill you, however you are able to spawn vehicles (every 30 seconds) whilst you're holding the flag but the vehicles have vehicle god disabled which means that it can also light on fire, however you can spawn another one right after.

    The command to check the current location of the flag, and who is currently holding the flag and the currently nearest teleport, you can use the /flag command.

    You might be wondering, can you hold the flag and have the chasecar at the same time to get the most money out of both? The answer is YES.

    Helpful commands

    /heal - Restores your health points back to maximum (costs $3,000)
    /mycar save <name> - You can save a car (including a tuned car) using this command
    /mycar display - You can check the names of cars that you have previously saved
    /mycar load <name> - You can load a car that you previously saved
    /ttog - Used to manage your teleport broadcasts, (turn off from showing other players teleports in chat or disable your teleports from displaying in chat when you teleport)
    /tune - Fast way to tune your vehicle
    /vtog - Advanced vehicle modification such as addition of neons to your vehicle
    /weapons - Used to purchase weapons
    // - To see all available teleports
    /togtp - Disables players from being able to teleport to you
    /who or /admins- To see the list of online VIPs or Administrators
    /setspawn - To set your spawn point wherever you like. You will always spawn there whenever you die or join the server
    /flag - To check the current carrier of the flag, and whereabouts the flag currently is
    /flag drop - Drops the flag that you're currently holding
    /carchase - To check the current holder of the chase car, and whereabouts the car currently is
    /pm <id/name> <message> - Used to privately message a player that is currently online
    /about - See information about the server, the owners...
    /join - Used to join a race. You must be standing on the race start checkpoint
    /buy - Used to purchase a property. You must be standing on the property pickup icon
    /steal <number> - Used to try and steal a property
    /manage - Used to manage your owned properties
    /leave - Leaves the current race you're participating in
    /lock - Lock your vehicle, keeps people from being able to jack the vehicle
    /unlock - Unlocks a locked vehicle, players can jack your car
    /tpd - Teleports you to the location where you last died
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    Achievements are tasks that you can complete to receive a small cookie payout and a bit of money. You can check your achievement progress using the /ach command (it will list your current levels for the achievements).

    Here are the achievements that you can achieve.

    Number of trucking deliveries completed
    Noob Trucker (Level 1) - 10 deliveries
    Port Trucker (Level 2) - 25 deliveries
    On the Road Again (Level 3) - 50 deliveries
    Stinky Trucker Needs a Shower (Level 4) - 100 deliveries
    Ice Road Trucker (Level 5) - 250 deliveries
    Accomplished Long Haul Trucker (Level 6) - 500 deliveries

    Time spent playing (In-game time NOT score)
    Novice (Level 1) - 5 hours (300 mins)
    Regular (Level 2) - 12 hours (720 mins)
    Veteran (Level 3) - 1 day (1440 mins)
    Play a Lot (Level 4) - 3 days (4320 mins)
    Allstar (Level 5) - 1 week (10080 mins)
    Seriously Needs a Life (Level 6) - 1 month (43200 mins)

    Number of kills
    First Blood (Level 1) - 1 kill
    Gangster (Level 2) - 30 kills
    Mobster (Level 3) - 75 kills
    Hitman (Level 4) - 200 kills
    Contract Assassin (Level 5) - 500 kills
    Terminator (Level 6) - 1,000 kills

    Number of deaths
    Dead as a Door Nail (Level 1) - 1 death
    Attracted to Bullets (Level 2) - 30 deaths
    Nemesis Nuked (Level 3) - 75 deaths
    Just can't seem to Stay Alive! (Level 4) - 200 deaths
    Six Feet Under (Level 5) - 500 deaths
    Biggest Noob Ever (Level 6) - 1,000 deaths

    Number of times muted
    Can you hear me now? Good! (Level 1) - 1 mute
    Spammer (Level 2) - 5 mutes
    Doesn't know how to listen (Level 3) - 10 mutes
    Needs to STFU (Level 4) - 20 mutes
    Deaf, Dumb and Stupid (Level 5) - 30 mutes
    Helen Keller (Level 6) - 50 mutes

    Number of times kicked
    Booted! (Level 1) - 1 kick
    Enjoys an Ass Kicking (Level 2) - 5 kicks
    Nut Punted (Level 3) - 10 kicks
    Ass Kicked (Level 4) - 20 kicks
    Chuck Norris'd (Level 5) - 30 kicks
    Bruce Lee'd (Level 6) - 50 kicks

    Number of times banned
    Banhammered! (Level 1) - 1 ban
    GTFO (Level 2) - 3 bans
    Idiot who likes getting Banned (Level 3) - 5 bans
    Flaming Moron (Level 4) - 8 bans
    Village Idiot (Level 5) - 12 bans
    eblood1's Cousin (Level 6) - 15 bans

    Races Won (amount of times you came 1st in a race)
    Drove Better than the Rest (Level 1) - 1 race
    Amateur Hour (Level 2) - 25 races
    NASCAR Driver (Level 3) - 100 races
    Speed Racer has nothing on me (Level 4) - 200 races
    Knowns how to turn more than just Left (Level 5) - 500 races
    Piston Cup Champion (Level 6) - 1,000 races

    Earned money
    Movin' on Up, To the East Side (Level 1) - $100,000 (100K)
    Middle Class American (Level 2) - $1,000,000 (1M)
    I'm Rich, Biatch! (Level 3) - $10,000,000 (10M)
    Old Money (Level 4) - $100,000,000 (100M)
    Bruce Wayne (Level 5) - $1,000,000,000 (1B)
    Tony Stark (Level 6) - $2,000,000,000 (2B)

    Number of reaction tests won
    Obviously not a Bot (Level 1) - 10 reaction tests
    We have ourselves a Typist! (Level 2) - 50 reaction tests
    Fast Fingers Freddy (Level 3) - 100 reaction tests
    Duelist (Level 4) - 250 reaction tests
    Quickdraw McGraw (Level 5) - 500 reaction tests
    The Flash (Level 6) - 1,000 reaction tests

    Number of times of goo found
    Lucky SOAB (Level 1) - 1 goo found
    Detective (Level 2) - 10 goos found
    Bloodhount (Level 3) - 25 goos found
    Gumshoe (Level 4) - 50 goos found
    Sherlock Holmes (Level 5) - 75 goos found
    Psychic (Level 6) - 100 goos found

    Number of race records set
    Lucky Noob (Level 1) - 1 race record
    Couch Racer (Level 2) - 2 race records
    Corner Hugger (Level 3) - 5 race records
    Drag Strip Maniac (Level 4) - 10 race records
    Formula 1 Pro (Level 5) - 15 race records
    Pesadilla has Nothing on You (Level 6) - 20 race records

    Happy Hour
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