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    Hey guys,

    As the title suggests, I'm going to be outlining the future of this community for the upcoming months, and hopefully years, and also reflect a little on the past.

    4 Years have passed since I relaunched i99, and honestly, I never really expected it to go this long. From what started off as an idea for hosting a random server for a bunch of people to mess around on, quickly developed into the re-re-birthing of i99, after previous launches back in 2010 and 2012.

    My initial hopes for the server when we launched was really to bring the old community back together, as I never really expected to capture a new audience with a freeroaming server in a world full of RP. In the early days, the majority of the playerbase were part of the previous community, visiting to see old faces, however as the months went on, we started to develop a whole new community as we went along.

    I felt as if we had hit the perfect balance, mixing the loyal players of old, with a new bunch of players, enjoying the server. We moved on to around Christmas time in the first year, and we hit our new peak, 86 players. Whilst this was a long way from our previous peaks in V1 and V2, it felt like a good accomplishment for a server essentially rebuilding itself, and it gave me confidence that we could push on.

    Unfortunately, a new peak was never really ever hit again, organically (if you ignore bots, or a random streamer joining) but we did however build a solid foundation of 40-50 players regularly visiting.

    In recent times, as my enthusiasm for samp began to run out, and becoming lazy with the hosted tab renewal each month, the regular player numbers began to drop, and we never really re-captured the solid numbers we previously got.

    Which brings us to now.

    Sadly, and this should not really come to a shock to anyone, I do not have any enthusiasm for samp left, and have made the decision that the server will slowly be turned off.

    HOWEVER, and this is the main point, this is not the end of Impulse99.

    We have recently got ourselves a new dedicated server, which comes with a much better spec than our current 4 year old server, allowing us to host bigger and better content.

    The Future

    So, moving into the future. In the upcoming weeks, we will be unveiling a bunch of new servers to you, across a range of games. Some of you will already be aware of our Minecraft server, which will be continued, and we shall be introducing more servers shortly.

    One of my hopes for the community when I relaunched i99, was to branch off into more games, rather than just being a community for samp. This is the first proper step in this direction.

    I want to hear from you guys. What servers would you like us to host? What games do you enjoy playing outside of samp? Is there anything you'd like to suggest for us moving forward? Your voice counts!

    I hope to hear from you, and I hope we can continue to grow.

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