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    There are new players every day and also some of the older players have never trucked before, so I decided to do a quick trucking guide for maximum trucking experience (also trucking brings good money)

    Step 1)
    You need to select a trucking depot where you wish to truck from. The most popular depot is at //flint. Here are some other options of depots you can choose to truck from:

    When you go to one of the trucking depots, you will see a red marker, that's where you are supposed to be positioned to start a trucking mission.

    Step 2)
    You need to now select the truck you'll be using to do your trucking in. The most popular truck is called Roadtrain. You can spawn it easily by typing /v road.

    There are other variations of trucks that you can use to do trucking, such as:


    Step 3)
    Now that you have selected a truck that you want to truck with, you'll need to select a trailer. Trailers do not matter as you will still get the same trucking missions whichever trailer you use. Once you have spawned your truck, in order to choose a trailer, simply type /trailer.

    There is a known bug about trailers that sometimes they randomly snap away from your truck whilst you are trying to complete your delivery, unabling you to complete your delivery due to the snap. In order to avoid this issue, it is recommended to switch up trailers every delivery you do. So for example, if you used the petrol trailer for the first mission, you use another trailer for the second mission. After some time, you can use a petrol trailer again.

    From my information, the reason for that is because once you finish a delivery, your trailer takes some time to disappear, and if you spawn the same trailer at a trucking depot again whilst the first one has not disappeared yet, it will make the trailer snap away from your truck, so please use the advice I've recommended.

    Credits go to psy for recommending this technique to me.

    Step 4)
    Now that you are at a trucking depot, have your truck & trailer ready. Make sure that you are standing on the red checkpoint, and in order to start trucking you need to type /truck in chat. You will be given a destination where you have to deliver the load to. Current delivery locations are:

    The Big Ear
    Mountain Chilliad
    The Copper Mint
    Dchidell's Network Corp
    Dave's House
    Ruden's Mansion
    Malaysian Airlines HQ
    Easter Bay Chemicals
    SF Radio Station
    Mike's Madhouse
    Nemesis' Gun Range
    Big Spread Ranch
    KACC Military Fuels
    The Farm
    CJ's House
    The Pleasure Dome
    The Slaughterhouse

    The mission and its location of where you have to deliver to will be shown to you when you type /truck. On your mini-map, the location is displayed in red colour marker. If it's your first time trucking, just follow the direction where red marker is displayed on your mini-map. When trucking, try to deliver as fast as possible and no to little damage to your trailer, as you will lose money from these factors. After you finish the delivery, the amount of money that you have earned and how long it took you to deliver will be displayed to you. To get a new mission, you will have to repeat all of the steps again.

    EXTRA: Ultimate money making method with trucking
    Trucking is very profitable. However, trucking can quickly get boring as you will continuously be delivering to the locations you have delivered many times before. But, from my experience I can say that the hours spent behind trucking is worth it in the end. According to my calculations, it is possible to make up to 1,000,000 in 40-50 minutes of trucking, but you must be fast enough, not cause much damage to your trailer.

    Now, you clearly want to know how to do that, well it's very easy, you just need to skip the right trucking missions as some of these missions are not profitable at all.

    Here are the missions that you should ALWAYS do. If a mission is not on this list, that means you have to skip that mission.

    Dchidell's Network Corp - ~40K - 50K average payout
    Dave's house - ~55K - 65K average payout
    Mike's Madhouse - ~35 -50K average payout
    Nemesis Gun Range - ~40-55K average payout
    Big Spread Ranch - ~35 - 50K average payout
    KACC Military Fuels - ~75K - 90K average payout

    *Please note that all of these average sums are collected from //flint trucking depot. Payout will be different from other trucking depots. Prices will also be different, depending on your speed and damage caused to the trailer.

    Now that you know the missions you should never skip, you should also know the fastest way to get to that location for maximum profit.

    *Credits to nasif for updated picture

    Happy trucking and hopefully lots of money !

    Any suggestions/feedback about this guide, please contact me via PM

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