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    So! Welcome to my first guide, which aims at editing your map, which also shows on your radar. This haves no impact on the game itself.

    First we start off with some links! We are going to need IMGTool , Spark and XRadar editor :
    IMGTool -
    Spark -
    XRadar editor -

    Now, install IMGTool and Spark in your GTA SA folder.XRadar can be wherever.

    Firstly, you need a picture to make your radar. For example we will use this map which haves all countys on it.

    To convert it to a map we start off with XMapeditor. Open XMapeditor.exe up and import>import Map and select the JPG file.(You may need to adjust the map on the screen so nothing is left out.)

    Now we need to extract and convert this map into more managable pieces! To do that navigate to Export>export tiles>as TXD>ALL and make a new folder which will hold the pieces of the map(144).Also when asked abount transperency, click yes.

    Wait untill all the 144 files are exported and converted. After its done click minimize to tray (bottom right corner)

    Now to import these 144 files into gta3.img
    Open up Spark.exe and navigate to File>Open . Now find your GTA SA folder and go into models folder.Click on gta3.img to open it.

    Open the folder which contains all the 144 map pieces as txd files, copy them and paste them inside Spark.
    Click the save button on top and close Spark.

    Now open up IMGTool.exe and again, find your GTASA folder and go into models folder, select gta3.img.
    Click on Commands and then do Rebuild Archive. Now wait for it to get done (1 min or so) and you are done! enjoy your new sexy map!

    Final result:

    You can convert any image into map using this method. heres an example- (took a dog picture and made it into map.yes.)

    And now. a low quality model of Dchidell`s package manager. now its way esaier to collect them without alt-tabbing (but harder to keep track of them all) -

    Ill post a link to the map files for the package map tomorrow.

    I hope you all enjoed my tutorial and you find it helpful in some way!

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