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    So, most of you know I don't play much at all anymore. I try to pop on every once and a while and am quite active on the WhatsApp chat. I am finally graduating in May with my B.S. in Graphic Design. I am a waitress/bartender at Ruby Tuesday's (WAY past the hosting days now). Recently got rid of my beloved truck (those who know remember how much I loved that thing lol). My cat is fortunately still living as I just recently went through a rough time with him. He just got diagnosed a month ago with Chronic Kidney Disease but is doing amazing now. Andddddd, for those who aren't friends with me on Facebook and the WhatsApp, I GOT MARRIED IN OCTOBER, 2017!!!! Some and most of you knew I had been with Chris since I was practically 18 (almost together 6 years before we got married). Just wanted to update some folks that I am still alive haha and share a few wedding pics. I hope everything for everyone else is going great and everyone is making accomplishments!

    If you want to look at the rest, here is the link: http://iheartkaylashopephotography.pass.us/chrisandkesleywedding101417
    Password: wedding

    rsz_chris_kelsey_10_14_17-ceremony-0183.jpg rsz_chris_kelsey_10_14_17-formals-0078.jpg rsz_chris_kelsey_10_14_17-formals-0097.jpg rsz_chris_kelsey_10_14_17-formals-0117.jpg
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